Location: Norvegija, Trondheim
Architect: Arkitema Architects
Developer: Bane Nor Eiendom, Trondheim municipality
Completion: 2024
Status: Eigoje
Type: Commercial
Unitised facade (m2): 5215
Scope of works: 534 unitised curtain wall units; 2570 m2 of different types of stick curtain walls

Upon completion in 2025, new Trondheim Station Center will be Norway’s most modern public transport hub. It will be the first building that is part of a larger area development plan to connect Trondheim city centre with the port. The terminal building will comprise of approx. 4 500 m2, while 13 000 m2 will become attractive office spaces with a view of the city and the fjord. The building’s central location and function mean that the building must have a marked architectural character.

The wooden city of Trondheim has provided inspiration to design the new Trondheim Station with load-bearing structures made from wood. Wood gives a low CO2 footprint, while the use of wood gives identity and aesthetic quality. The building will be a clear landmark, both architecturally and climate-politically, and as a continuation of Trondheim’s proud tradition – wooden buildings. At the same time, the station center will become a role model for climate-friendly urban development and green mobility. The building will be BREEAM NOR-certified with ambitions for Excellent and the design has been made concerning several of the UN’s sustainability goals.

One of the major challenges in the upcoming construction process is that the center must be built over the train tracks while making sure that constructions work will not affect train operations. Therefore, building parts that will extend over the rails will be built-in modules that can be assembled quickly. Also, the facades, which will provide sun protection for the entire building, will also be manufactured as elements in Lithuania and later will be hung onto the building to fast-track and simplify the installation process of the building.

KG Constructions Group is responsible for the design, production, transportation, installation and project management of 534 unitised curtain wall units with KGC’s bespoke system, fibre-cement Swiss pearl plates, zip screens, as well as 2570 m2 of different types of stick curtain walls. The installation process of the step facade elements will be quite challenging due to the curved radius slab edge of the building, installation underneath the slab edge and elements passing by with each other in 2 directions.