Location: Norvegija, Trondheim
Main contractor: NCC
Architect: Pir II
Completion: 2023
Status: Eigoje
Type: Commercial
Unitised facade (m2): 8866
Scope of works: Unitised curtain wall units with composite cladding and stick curtain walls

Teknostallen is office building of over 46,000m2 and is located in central Trondheim. This building is the heart of the Teknobyen, Trondheim’s new center for technology and innovation.

Besides accommodating office spaces, it features a gym, restaurants, service, and commercial premises on the ground level. The project connects the other buildings, as well as the outdoor and recreational areas, which support and reinforce the buildings that already exist in the area. One of the main moves was to choose an extroverted architectural concept, which gives more to the area than just an office building.

On the roof, above the 6th floor, a flower meadow is established with native species that absorb much of the stormwater that will hit the roof surface. In connection with the fitness center on the 6th floor, a large roof garden was established with opportunities for outdoor training. Here is a running track with a good running surface of approx. 200 meters, with straight lengths of approx. 80 meters. Within the pitch, the area is used for outdoor exercise equipment and more open lawns where it is possible to carry out various training and stretching exercises.

During the development stage, great emphasis was placed on creating flexibility for future tenants and sustainable solutions in terms of the material choices and construction methods by both KLP and NCC. Therefore, our façade elements are equipped with sun collectors at the south and south-west sides of the building. 47 000 m2 building aim for BREEAM Excellent and it is the 1st building in Trondheim to be certified by Well certification in the Platinum category.