Location: Švedija, Stockholm
Main contractor: AB Skanska Sverige
Architect: AB Reflex Arkitekter
Developer: SPP
Completion: 2016
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial
Unitised facade (m2): 1

The hotel Hagaplan was established in Solna municipality, next to the largest hospital Karolinska. The hotel includes restaurants, shops, offices and 222 rooms for hotel guests.

The exterior of the building has a three-colour glass and aluminium composition, which changes from white to grey. Structural glazing element façade solution and sound insulating double-glazed units were used for this project. The most modern materials were used to construct this building and the best possible thermal insulation was achieved.

In collaboration with architects from Reflex Arkitekter AB, a façade solution with special profiles was created. This is a 16-storey building, which opened its doors in November 2017. Total area of façade constructions is 7 400 square meters.