Location: Švedija, Malmö
Main contractor: PEAB Sverige AB
Architect: C.F. Moller
Developer: Annehem AB
Completion: 2019
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial
Unitised facade (m2): 15000
Scope of works: Structural glazing unitised curtain walls

The Point building, scheduled to be completed by KGC in 2018, will be the last stage of The Point Hyllie building complex. It will be one of the tallest buildings constructed in Scandinavia. Total facade area will be 15 000 square meters and the building will be 111 meters high. The building will mainly consist of structural glazing element facades with painted glass insertions, finished with aluminium composite panels. The solution created by our specialists will allow to fulfil one of the best known Swedish architects Krook & Tjäder’s vision of the building, as well as to achieve strict thermal insulation standards.

Because if its complex aluminium-glass construction solutions, The Point will be exceptional among the earlier stages of the project. Since the facade will be exposed to extreme conditions, a real-size facade fragment will be produced by KGC specialists in Lithuania. Only after we receive a confirmation about the quality of the product from the Peab company, we will continue with laboratory tests in Germany. During these tests, extreme weather conditions, such as hurricane wind, will be recreated to test the strength and impermeability of the constructions. These safety measures are taken to avoid the mistakes that occurred at the earlier stages of the project.