Thermo Fisher Scientific

Location: Lietuva, Vilnius
Main contractor: UAB Eikos statyba
Architect: Kostas Skukaustas
Developer: UAB Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics
Completion: 2012
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial

This factory building project was ordered by the biggest scientific services provider in the world – Thermo Fisher Scientific. In this building, a modern Scientific Research and Experimental Development Centre and scientific laboratories were established. Together with the research centre and laboratories, the company administration, as well as some of its logistics and storage, has also moved to the 10 000-square-meter building.

This project was extraordinary, because it was necessary to equip exceptionally clean laboratories, that would meet D class and Biosafety Level requirements. In the new Thermo Fisher Scientific building, such laboratories make up over 10 square meters. The Eikos statyba company and “KG Constructions Group” created such spaces by using specific construction materials between laboratories and adjacent rooms meant for different purposes. This allowed us to ensure different atmospheric pressures in different rooms.

The total area of exterior aluminium-glass constructions is around 2 200 square meters. All construction elements used in the clean rooms had to comply with strict requirements for dust emission properties.