Location: Švedija, Helsingborg
Main contractor: Midroc Property Development AB
Architect: Jull | Frost Arkitekter AB
Developer: Midroc Property Development AB
Completion: 2021
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial
Scope of works: Contract under Lignas AB: 346 unitised curtain wall units with STENI cladding

The World Trade Center is an important visual landmark for Helsingborg’s new landmark district in Oceanpiren, and a future destination in the city.  The architectural expression is created from the idea of ​​a heavy base and a light tower rising from the base.

The first six floors form the brick base, which in its scale and materiality relates to the surrounding residential squares. Out of the brick base grows the office tower, which, with its light white façade expression, rises up to 13 stories like a lighthouse on the pier.

The facade with its expressive pattern of large glass sections that cut into the white facade and creates a playful counterpoint to the heavy and repetitive hotel facade. The 14 700 m2 building includes 7 800 m2 hotel and 4 500 m2 office spaces. Lignas team has provided 346 unitised curtain wall units with STENI cladding.

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