Location: Švedija, Karlskrona
Architect: Fojab AB
Developer: Kärnhem AB
Completion: 2020
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial
Scope of works: Contract under Lignas AB: 4 300 m2 of unitised curtain walls

In 2021, Karlskrona’s World Trade Center was opened in the new central district of Pottholmen. A five-story office building with a facade of folded corten steel, related to the area’s industrial history.

Pottholmen is in the process of being transformed from a closed railway yard area to Karlskrona’s new entrance. The WTC, designed by FOJAB in collaboration with property owner OBOS Kärnhem, gives the city a new meeting point in a strategic location next to the travel center and railway square. A modern and flexible office building with a strong environmental focus.

The building takes the form of a classic city block with simple volumes around a leafy courtyard. The composition of the façade borrows from Karlskrona’s historic street scenes, while a band of low windows creates bright, comfortable rooms.

The rustic and robust corten steel anchors the house to the site, alluding both to Falu’s red color and the city’s history of boat building and shipbuilding. The steel withstands the coastal climate well and will only get more beautiful over the years.

Under Lignas AB contract was 4 300 m2 of unitised curtain walls.