Location: Latvija, Riga
Main contractor: Towers Construction Management JSC
Architect: JAHN incorporated; Project design Manager; SIA Zoom Room
Developer: Baltic Real Estate Holding
Completion: 2017
Status: Baigtas
Type: Residential
Unitised facade (m2): 30000
Scope of works: 350000

Two round residential towers, joined by a podium in the base area, are 30 stories high each. The height of the towers: South 123 meters, North 117 meters. Z-Towers hold a total of 336 apartments, 10 000 square meters of class A office space, parking spaces for up to 700 cars and more than 4000 square meters of Fitness and SPA.

A customized exterior façade construction system was created to solve the challenges of the unique architecture and complex geometry of this building, as well as to meet strict technical construction requirements. This is extraordinary Z-shaped, three-layer structural glazing element façade construction with integrated 70 mm wide opening parts.

Z-Towers project has outstanding features of triple glazing units with gradient silk printing on outer pane and high selective coating HS SN62/34 on middle pane. The glass units of almost 60 mm thickness and weight up to 1 ton per unit and extra large dimensions of 2.5×4.1 m. 400 mm step to one vertical side that creates a facetted façade. Aluminium-glass constructions are glazed with two-camera double-glazed units with sunshine control and serigraphy prints on the glass. The total exterior façade area of the complex exceeds 30 000 square meters.