Location: Lietuva, Vilnius
Main contractor: UAB Upės projektai
Architect: Arrow Architects; ARCHINOVA
Developer: SBA koncernas
Completion: 2017
Status: Baigtas
Type: Commercial

Green Hall building’s double façade, whose total area exceeds 5600 sq. m., is like an energy-saving shield that prevents the building from overheating during summer, and traps warmth inside during winter, as well as provides reliable protection against city noise. During winter, this system enable to preserve heat and use less energy. Aluminium-glass constructions, which were manufactured in Germany, were used in the façade of Green Hall 2.

The façade is designed so that it would let in as much solar heat as possible and preserve it inside. It has an impressive 0,6 W/m2k heat transfer coefficient which complies with the highest thermal resistance requirements established for passive houses. When manufacturing window systems, environmentally-friendly castor oil-based insulators are used as an alternative for petroleum-based polymers.

The sound insulation coefficient (Rw) of the building’s walls reaches 40 Db and reduces noise coming from the city, so that it would not distract attention from a world-changing project.