Location: Švedija, Stockholm
Main contractor: Skanska
Architect: BAU (Byrån för Arkitektur & Urbanism)
Developer: Byggnad AB Snackan 8; Skanska Fastigheter Stockholm AB
Completion: 2025
Status: Eigoje
Type: Public
Unitised facade (m2): 4668
Scope of works: Unitised curtain walls on KGC’s Bespoke UCW system with limestone cladding of 4 different types; Stick curtain walling

Snäckan 8 – is a modern and future-proof office building with a total lettable area of approximately 23,000 m2. The project is designed to strengthen an attractive street life and aims to achieve the highest classification, Platinum, according to the environmental certification LEED. Much of the materials from the existing building are reused or recycled. Among other things, the old facade stone is cleaned and used as tiles for covering the roof of the new office building.

The Snäckan 8 property is located between the Sheraton and the ministry buildings in central Stockholm and not far away from the City Hall. The existing building from the 1970s was demolished and the new office building took its place. The facade is opened with larger window areas and a less monolithic expression, which also reflects the streamlined office plans and the changed character of the site. The materials are chosen to give a timeless and strong, own character – durable over time with materials that live and change in a different light. The basic materials are limestone, warm copper-toned metal, and glass with reversible details that do not distort the elegant expression. The building is designed with the materiality that characterizes the buildings in the neighborhoods around the Tegelbacken area and the environment of which the Snäckan neighborhood is a part.

“KG Constructions Group” delivers 4 668 m2 of unitised curtain walls on KGC’s Bespoke UCW system with limestone cladding of 4 different types, stainless steel plates from FMH in special rosy gold shades, and anodized aluminum plates from “HAI Horsens”, 4 373 m2 of stick curtain walling and 695 m2 of the glass roof. What is unique and challenging about this project? – So-called ‘Jumbo’ façade elements, which are unusually wide and heavy with a size of 4800 x 3600 mm and a weight of approximately 2100 kg. There are 79 such units.