Malmö court building has won the prestigious award


We are glad to announce, that the new Malmö court building has won the prestigious award – Facade of the Year 2023.

In this magnificent project brick and glass materials interact together and give a very beautiful aesthetic expression. In addition, the building blends in with both older and newer buildings, which means that the environment gets an upgrade while respecting the surroundings.

The building facade captures the city’s historical values ​​while the design clearly reflects today’s influences regarding materials, functionality, light, and symmetry. This impressive building strongly contributes to the surrounding urban space’s character of innovation, forward-thinking, and movement. The working group behind the project has successfully utilized various materials and solutions to create a dynamic that has the potential to attract the viewer’s eye in both height and width.

Approximately, the building covers 34 000 m2 gross area, whereas our scope of the facades is divided into:

  • 16 552 m2 of unitised double-skin curtain walls;
  • 1 500 m2 of stick curtain walls;
  • 10 618 m2 of double-skin elements are with BIOCLEAN outer glass.

In 2021 it was one of the biggest projects in Europe with such technology.

We are extremely happy to be a part of this fantastic project contributed by a team of professionals:
Architects: Henning Larsen
Developer: Castellum
Our Contractor: Peab