Year’s goal achieved: 5-axis AF 510 CNC machine is working


We are happy to announce that KGCG has achieved its goal in the acquisition of processing machinery for this year.

The 5-axis machine Schüco AF 510 CNC is already working at full capacity in our production. This highly dynamic CNC machine provides a strong, flexible base for almost any metal fabrication task. The alternating mode features automatic clamp positioning, while the simple profile loading process makes the machine easy to operate. CNC equipment is customized for highly efficient 6-sided machining in an instant.

Stunning performance:

  • Simple maintenance thanks to quick-release mechanisms;
  • Shorter set-up times controlled closing of clamps;
  • Cooling unit for high-performance spindle;
  • Generous tool magazine with 20 spaces;
  • Vibration monitoring for preventive maintenance;
  • Clean removal with a slat chain con, etc.

It‘s worth mentioning that the new setup is focused on environmental protection – the extractor installed in the machine ensures clean air during the entire production. In January 2024, AF 510 CNC will get the additional boost – a robotic hand, which will autonomously load and unload the profiles.